zenTouch for Family and Friends


The method of pressure on accupoints (tsubo) came to Japan about 1000 years ago from China where the Chinese doctors practiced acupuncture to cure and prevent many illnesses.  Combining this knowledge and the traditional ‘anma’ massage of Japan, Shiatsu was born. 

禅zenTouch™, created by Rev. Barbara Matsuura is her own form of therapy administered through the thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, and knees.  Touch applied on certain points of the skin stimulates the body’s natural recuperative powers. 禅zenTouch™ is  gentle and healing to restore the normal functioning of the body rather than treating symptoms. It uses more ‘energy’ then physical pressure. Regular periodic 禅zenTouch™ therapy has the effect of creating a self-defense mechanism that increases the body’s powers of resistance and thus lowers the likelihood of sickness.  In addition, Rev Barbara uses a specialty in the touch that goes to the ‘soul’. The session becomes a very spiritual experience, unlike any other. 

You will lie on a mat on the floor, wearing stretchable clothing that is not restricting. 

60 min session $125. gratuities appreciated