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Interview with Phyllis Furumoto, Granddaughter of Mrs. Hawayo Takata our Reiki Grandmaster Grandmother! Click "Watch this video on YouTube" after hitting play button.

Magazine Articles

The Reiki Times magazine article by Barbara Matsuura on Universal Qi Memory


Have you ever wondered how Reiki energy works?

The Reiki Times magazine article by Barbara Matsuura on Reiki's State of Perfection


Reiki Sacred Symbols and mantra vibrations return the clients's body, mind and spirit back to the State of Perfection

iNTOUCH magazine's article on Barbara Matsuura and Tai Chi


WorldTai Chi has many meanings and is perhaps best understood as a "fist of philosophy" in its original Chinese character form.

iNTOUCH magazine's article on the Language of the Life Force


"Life creates it, makes it grow. its energy surrounds us and binds us." While Yoda from Star Wars was talking here about the Force, he might just as easily have been explaining the workings of Reiki.

Interview with Barbara Matsuura, Reiki Master


All of the therapies I do, including Reiki, Zen Shiatsu, and Qigong Healing are working

with the big energy of the Universe, therefore healing on a spiritual level to heal the cause of the manifestation called dis-ease.