Spiritual Retreats


Sample retreat itinerary:

Day 1 Welcome Lunch or Dinner with lecture on Clean Foods & briefing of your Retreat details

Day 2  Early morning 7 Gates Ceremony Hike.   2.5 - 3 hrs 

Afternoon of same day: a Reiki Healing session (60 min.)or Reiki with Gemstones session. 75 min. 

Day 3  Morning Hike to vortex with instruction in Qigong Self-Healing techniques #1-4 on the Rock.  2 hrs. 

Afternoon of same day:   2pm  (choose one therapy) 

Sedona Stones Healing or  Sedona 4 Elements Healing 

Day 4  Morning Hike to vortex with Qigong techniques # 5-8 on the Rock. 2 hrs. 

Late afternoon: Sunset Gratitude Tour with Guided Meditation  90 min. 


I really enjoyed the Qigong ceremonial hike. It really made me inwardly reflect on some of the major decisions I've made in my life. You really helped me realize that I made the right decisions for me at the time. Before the hike I would sometimes wonder how my life would have turned out if I had made the decisions in a different way. That was just one of the major breakthroughs that I had on our adventure. Also, it was breathtakingly beautiful and enjoyable as well. 

The Reiki session was something that I have never experienced before. I have heard about it but never had it done previously. I was so relaxed after that that nothing negative would have been able to penetrate me that day and actually for awhile after that. 

You are truly blessed I can tell.