Japanese Swordsmanship 無外流居合


Mugai Ryu Iai Instructor( Sen Sei)  Akio Matsuura 

MugaiRyu Iai

Mugai ryu founder Rev.Tsuji Gettan Skemochi Circa 1728 at 79years old

Iai do (pronounced ee I doe) is a martial art of the Japanese culture using the sword. This lineage is named Mugai Ryu. It was created by Tsuji Gettan Suklemochi in 1860, the mid Edo Period. 

Circa 1728, at 79 years old, founder Tsuji study Zen Buddhism and Classical Chinese literature. He began his study in swordsmanship when he was 13 years old and Yamaguchi Ryu in Kyoto and achieved the highest level by the age of 26. He then begin to create his own style based on these classics.

Iai do teaches you:

  • Correct Central posture
  • Logical ways to move your body
  • The body and mind will be disciplined
  • Creates self-improvement

Iai do will teach you patience, awareness, precision. The sword is an extension of yourself. You will leave your ego at the door and will not need to ask any validity. A humble spirit is created.

Iai do can be practiced by young or old. Iai do, creates balance, and strength, and beauty of spirit. Iai do is a lifelong practice.

Instructor Akio Matsuura's background hails from his younger years (12 years old) practicing Kendo (Japanese bamboo fencing) with the All Japan Kendo Federation. he has taught in New York, Hong Kong, Germany and Japan and has attained the level of Shidoin, over years of practice in Tokyo. He is supported by the main School in Tokyo. Matsuura's sensei (as a teacher is traditionally called) is well respected and known in the Iai do lineage of Isoukai Mugai Ryu, founded by Grand Master Some Mitsuyoshi Sediko.

Matsuura sensei teaches Mugairyu's traditional 20 forms. A private 2 hour training is $65 per training.


Beginner set of traditional proper clothing and the sword

Special equipment is required for this martial art. A full beginner set of traditional proper clothing and the sword itself is ordered from Japan and cost about $600.- depends on exchange rate.  It is a big investment, but if you are serious it is well worth the money. Come practice Iaido and create Harmony of body, mind, and Bushido; the beauty of spirit.