House Clearing, Purification, & Blessing

A Shinto ritual to purify energy, clear energy, bless & dedicate.

Have you ever walked into a room where some people had been fighting, and you could sort of feel an uneasiness in the air, or walked into a room where there was so much joy over a new baby or happy event and just felt the joy all around you. The energy created there lingers in the room.

If you feel the energies in your house apt or office are stale, you need 'OHARAI' (Purification) . If you sense the energies in your new home have lingering energies from people who have lived there previously, then you need 'OHARAI' (Purification).  If you are moving into a new office, home, studio, you’ll want the energies in it to be neutral, fresh and clean energetically as well as physically. And you’ll want a Blessing for your Home with a Dedication for your Home to be the sanctuary that you return to everyday, to nourish your energy

House/Office Purification (with light Feng Shui)

Clearing. Purification. Blessing  Generally:  per room  4 corners, 4 walls,  windows, closets, ceiling, floors $150. If there is a private bathroom in the room there is additional cost of $30.  for more clarification it will have to be discussed as to size rooms etc. Please call to set up a time for estimation. 

Car Purification, Blessing, Dedication

After buying a new or used car, it is a good idea to have it Purified and Blessed.

A New Car will have the energies of those that made it. I can clear and purify it of these energies making it neutral for you. Then Bless and Dedicate it, for your safety or other reason you might have.

A Used Car has a lot of energies in it from past drivers. It is always a good idea to Clear these energies, Purify the vehicle, and then Bless it for Safety and Dedicate it for your use.  

Car Purification/Blessing $130..