AHA Teachers & other Links

Rev. Barbara’s Reiki Students/Professionals Alchemy Healing Arts Certified Reiki & Qigong Instructors

Jeffrey S. Jarvie

Reiki Master/Teacher in San Diego, CA Jeff speaks English and Spanish. Jeff is also an Alchemy Healing Arts Assistant Teacher of Qigong's Ba Duan Jin, The Eight Pieces of Brocade.

Evelyn Brennhausen

Reiki Master/Teacher, Thailand, Germany. Evelyn speaks German, English, and Mandarin. Evelyn is an Alchemy Healing Arts Certified Instructor of Qigong's Ba Duan Jin, The Eight Pieces of Brocade.


Pat Mazzone

Reiki Master/Teacher is in Ashland, New Hampshire.


Sophi Hronopoulos

Reiki Master/Teacher is in Australia. Sophi speaks English, Greek, & Japanese.


Reiki for Pets

Judith Ann DomPieri, is located in Northern New Jersey. Judith specializes in Reiki for Pets.

Crystals and Gemstones

Kelli Jo Conn She is able to choose the right the stones for you by intuition when you order from her. The stones are of great quality. Kelli's sensitivity to the stones is unique. 

Graphic Design

Janice Ducate, creative fun ideas, colors and designs that touch the ‘inner child’ in us all, yet with a mature approach to marketing your products/ business. 

Healer Friends

Chung Li is in the Bay Area in California. Chung speaks English and Mandarin

Mike Warner, RMT, EFT and others. Mike is in Pennsylvania

Clairvoyant Readings

Edward Carion is in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pat Mazzone, Reiki Master/Teacher is in Ashland, New Hampshire.

Rae Chandran is in Tokyo, Japan

Arianha Bialon is in Sedona, AZ

Zen Shiatsu

My Shiatsu Sensei, Master Susumu Kimura, Tokyo, Japan