Qigong|Tai JiQuan|Daoist Yoga

Master Barbara Matsuura


Qigong’s Ba Duan Jin, the Eight Pieces of Brocade

The 8 Pieces of Brocade is a medical Qigong practice. The set of 8 ancient exercises have been designed to open blockages in our meridian system (inner energy lines). When the blockages caused by our emotions and thoughts are released there is a good flow of qi (chi) energy. Where the qi (chi) flows there is  good blood flow bringing balance to all our organs and systems. You will learn which emotions create blockages in our systems and how they can be balanced before they become an issue in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies.  

4 week course  Jan 10, 17, 24, 31,  2020  11:00am-12:30pm  $120. per person  for 4 week course,  Minimum 4 participants 


Qigong’s Sheng Zhen Gong

This is a  Spiritual Qigong.   Through this very gentle and soft style practice of Qigong one naturally develops Unconditional Love.


TaiJiQuan (Tai Chi Chuan) for Health and Beauty

Tai Ji Quan, the art of how not to fight!  Yield and overcome! The Yang 24 Form or Beijing form. The movements are of marital application but we practice it for Health and Beauty. There is no sparing in these lessons.  photo:  Master Barbara at sunrise.


Daoist Yoga

A very slow and gentle style of yoga, coming from the Far Eastern way of thought.  Daoist yoga (aka meridian yoga stretch)  a yin type of yoga uses mostly the same asanas as in Hatha yoga, although the dialog and focused attention is directed deeply within to affect the meridian lines, the fascia, connective tissue and emotional and mental accumulations of negative thought which have created tightness & blockages in our systems.  

Taught regularly twice a week at the Hilton Sedona Athletic Club,  Thurs. 3:30-4:45 and Sat. 7:45-9:00am  You can get a day pass and enjoy other amenities after Daoist Meridian Yoga class. 

Private lessons/classes for travelers taught at Alchemy Healing Arts studio/dojo in the Chapel area of Sedona,  at your convenience.