Our Facility

Medicine Wheel


  Our Medicine Wheel as well as the Sacred Patio is where the Full and New Moon Ceremonies & Purification Ceremonies take place.  

Zen Meditation Garden


 A place to bathe in the forest sounds and smells, with the beauty and majesty of Cathedral Rock, Castle Rock, and Bell Rock around you for protection.


You relax and go easily into deep meditation connecting with the Universal Energy Field of all Knowledge and Love 


 Dancing around the Fire Pit during Full and New Moon Ceremonies honoring the elements that we are. 


Sacred Patio with Bell Rock in the background.

Gemstone Garden Shrine


Training Room




Daoist Yin Yoga




 Qigong for Self-Healing Workshop 


 Tai Ji Quan for Health and Beauty  


  Japanese Swordsmanship ‘Iai’ 

Spiritual Health Coach

Discover Your Energy Flow - Your Youth Elixir- This is your best health insurance!

Learning and practicing a prescribed set of exercises, one’s 4 bodies ‘physical, emotional, mental and spiritual go through fundamental changes and eliminates residue of unneeded toxins in all of these areas creating a clean and fresh and elevated Spirit. One's Spiritual Health is the basis for all health. This is your Best Health Insurance! 

All disease comes from stress that creates an imbalance within you

I will teach you how to manage your stress, lessen it & not allow it to take hold of you in the first place.   

Create a healthier Body, Mind and Spirit!

 Create the best life for yourself! 

Sedona Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1 &2

Great for travelers to majestic Sedona

2-3 Classes for 3 Hours Each

With supporting Skype or Facetime calls