Sedona 4 Elements Healing


Sedona’s energy is vast, powerful and beautiful. Using the Nature energy of Sedona, the energies of Earth,Water, Air and Fire, of which we humans are composed of, the recipient’s energy is brought into a balance.  If you can imagine; if the water element is out of balance there can be problems with the ‘water’ in our bodies, there can be dehydration. If the body looses too much water through vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss or high fever and dehydration occurs. Also from not taking in enough water the hormone balance goes off and the kidneys will release too much water. There are similar occurrences with the other elements.  This session will bring all the elements into balance within you.  

60 min session $120. gratuities appreciated

Sedona Stones Healing


We all have heard that Sedona’s natural energy is phenomenal. There is iron, crystals, minerals etc. in our Red Rocks. When one hikes on the trails of Sedona  we feel a peace and a powerful energy at the same time. Not everyone is able to hike so this session brings the mountains to you in the session room on the session table with Sedona’s Red Rocks placed on the chakras and or around in the aura. If you know about muscle testing, you can easily understand that the vibrations and energy of a stone, river stone, gemstone, mountain stone effect us. If we hold a stone in our left hand we can communicate by frequency. This frequency enters the physical muscular system and adjusts the balance in the physical as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  

75 min session $150. gratuities appreciated