Barbara Matsuura

It is the ‘mission’ of the Alchemy Healing Arts, LLC to bring whole healing to the individual who is drawn to us. Clients can come for Reiki, Reiki with Gemstones, zenTouch, or Qigong Energy healing treatment sessions. As an integrated approach, the client is encouraged to study Qigong self-healing techniques offered so that between sessions, they can keep themselves in a balanced state eventually leading them to have less sessions with Barbara and more self treatments to keep themselves in a constant balance. Any disease or suffering is always caused by an imbalance in our energy bodies; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  My healing sessions are always in a perfect balance for what is needed at the time of the session as the client’s condition is always changing. When there is a shift in any one or combination of the four bodies, there occurs a shift in them all bringing the person to complete balance. The daily maintenance one does, the more apt they are to stay in the balance. All life functions then become balanced, relationships, work, spiritual life, and physical comfort free of pain, etc. 

It has been my calling to work extensively in the healing arts.

As the daughter of a firefighter, even in the early years I naturally began a form of Shiatsu to relieve the pain and stress for my father. In later years I studied it professionally in Japan. I could use Zen Shiatsu myself to ease the muscle tension or strain that comes with being a professional ballet dancer. Zen Shiatsu is a ‘soft form’ of acupressure using not only hands, but forearms, elbows, knees, etc. It is always a full body session, treating the whole being, not so much with pressure, but with energy. Something like acupuncture without the needles.  The spiritual healing takes place first, and then the imbalance of physical, mental, or emotional takes place naturally.  I bring to the client the energy of source, or nature, and naturally as we are of the same properties as ‘source/nature energy’ the client will synchronize with the Light/Love energy of the Universe. They will vibrate to the Ultimate Sound, like a top spinning beautifully on its point. Some call this sound, Om. It is heard from the inner realms of our being when we are truly in balance. 

After classical ballet training,  I trained in some of the finer arts of Japan, including extensive study at the Master house of the Kabuki theatre, in Japanese Classical Dance.  Dance is a particular form of art that teaches you how to communicate without words, but with intuition and with the creative force of improvisation. It hones the ability to understand without the limitation of words. 

Quite unusually while living the 8.5 years in Germany, I learned another of the finer Japan arts, the art of flower arranging called Ikebana.  I entered the school of Ikenobo Ikebana and studied for some years attaining the degree of Assistant Teacher. At that time in Germany there were very many Japanese people living and being part of that community, our group performed Japanese Classical Dance and gave Ikebana demonstrations to ease the minds and hearts of the German people showing them the heart of the Japanese people thru these arts.   

Back in Japan I trained in the special Japanese Healing Art of Reiki, the channeling of source energy for the client to synchronize with, in their own time, in their own way, according to their own path.  Qigong Healing training took place in the forest on the Meiji Shrine grounds in Tokyo 6 hours a day, for a straight 9 months, learning how to absorb & utilize the nature energy, from a renowned Master from Beijing.  While living in Hong Kong (1985-87), I  began Tai Chi Chuan, considered an Internal Martial Art of China. I carried on the learning throughout the years in Germany and back in Japan, attaining the ‘Shihan’ degree (the highest level) in the lineage of the Japan Health TaiJiQuan Association School. I taught  Reiki, Qigong and TaiJiQuan for 9 years at the Tokyo American Club, for the expat community in Tokyo, as well as weekly lessons in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan.  This eased their stress of living abroad and gave them tools for health, relaxation and a way to treat their families with Healing energies as well as keeping themselves in balance increasing their quality of life. 

My morning hours are set aside for personal qigong training, meditation, & prayer in order to be my best and purest channel. When my own life glows from within, it warms and embraces others in trust and security allowing them to release what chains them to consistent imbalance and pain. I offer the afternoon and early evening hours for sessions for clients.

After 31 years of living abroad, in Japan, Hong Kong, Germany & again Japan, we are now returning to the USA. My Japanese husband Akio has retired and we live in our new home in Sedona, AZ.  

My greatest wish is to share these gifts of knowledge and skill with those who live and work here and those who come to visit Sedona in search of their true selves. 

For many years my life has been dedicated to assisting others for their own spiritual life evolution. 


  • Began Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan in 1985, Hong Kong
  • Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing from 1998, Tokyo, Japan
  • Reiki Master/Teacher level degree awarded in 2000, Tokyo, Japan 
  • Zen Shiatsu, Kimura Shiatsu Institute,  Tokyo, Japan  3 years (’98, ’99, 2000)  with extensive training in the years following 2001 until 2011. 
  • In 2003, I was ordained as a Reverend in an Interdenominational Church. Various spiritual trainings at temples in Japan, Kuoji, KuramaTera, etc. I pray and chant in various traditions. I  consider myself  Shintoist or Daoist, if someone needs a ‘label’  for Spirituality.  Personally I don’t need any label.
  • Shihan (Master) Qigong energy training in the Japan Health TaiJiQuan lineage from 1997-to present, Tokyo, Japan
  • Qigong Science Energy Healing from 2005/6, with a renowned healer from Beijing, China
  • Feng Shui studied in Hong Kong. Performing Clearing Purification and Blessing Rituals since 2003.   
  • Founded the Integrated Healing Arts Centre of Japan in the year 2000.
  • Founded the USA branch @ Burlingame, CA  2007-2011.
  • Founded the Sedona branch, 2011. 
  • Changed the name to Alchemy Healing Arts, LLC  in Sedona, AZ 2012