SpiritualHiking in Sedona


Sunrise Ceremony Tour 2 hour hike with Qigong energy exercise to connect to Earth & Sky

Sunrise Ceremony greets the day through Standing Meditation, Purifying and Empowering ourselves as we align with Heaven and Earth energies. 2 hours. 

I will customize the tours to your needs, and decide the vortex most appropriate. Time of day is early morning so that we reach our destination to greet the rising sun. 

1 person $160. +15% gratuity = $184.

2 people $230. ($115. ea) +15% gratuity = $264. ($132. ea)

3 people $270. ($90. ea) +15% gratuity   = $312.  ($104. ea)

4-6 people $75.ea +15% gratuity        =   $86. ea


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Morning Hike - the 7 gates to the Chambers of Your Spiritual Heart Ceremony Vortex Tour 3 hour hike

**The 7 Gates to the Chambers of Your Spiritual Heart Vortex Tour"  3 hours

includes ‘Purification’, ‘Ceremony with the Land’, ‘Meditation’, ‘Empowerment’ & ‘Blessing’

Here’s what two recent clients from France had to say:

7 Gates Morning Ceremony Vortex Tour

"Hello Rev. Barbara !

First of all, I would like to thank you in the name of Annie and mine for this marvelous experience we had this morning ! Thank you very much for your kindness and the love you give to the others. This very beginning of the day's birth gave to me all the hope and positive energies I needed. Thank you for the nice photos." 

1 person $200. +15% gratuity =  $230.

2 people $250. ($125.ea) +15% gratuity = $288. ($144.ea)

3 people $300. ($100. ea) +15% gratuity = $345. ($115.ea)

4-6 people $ 75.ea +15% gratuity = $86. ea 

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Sunset Ceremony Tour 2 hour hike

*The Sunset Ceremony" consists of a hike and then Purification, and Blessings, followed by a short Guided Meditation, acknowledging our Gratitude of all things, bringing us Peace and Joy as we bid farewell to the day.   2 hours

Rev. Barbara Matsuura, RMT, holds a permit with the  Red Rock Ranger District of the USForest Service, Coconino National Forest. also (CPR and First Aid)


Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Sedona Tourism Bureau, 

SMSA Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association - Vice President

Forest Guide Permit with the Coconino National Forest  


1 person $100. +15% gratuity = $115.

2 people $180. ($90.ea) +15% gratuity = $208. ($104. ea)

3 people $240. ($80.ea) +15% gratuity = $276. ($92. ea)

4-6 people $70. ea +15% gratuity = $80. ea

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Registered/Permitted Forest Service Guide with the Coconino National Forest

CPR and First Aid