Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies


Full Moon Ceremonies

Every Full Moon is an opportunity to have ceremony to honor Grandmother Moon and her wisdom and guidance. Full Moon is completely full, therefore no more can enter, which could mean good situations, good people, love do not have the chance to enter. So Full Moon is a time of letting go. Letting go of the old things we keep in our hearts that no longer serve our highest good. It may be situations that are not healthy, jobs that are not fulfilling, habits, addictions, etc. We take inventory of our lives and find what we are holding on to that is just taking up space. During Full Moon Ceremony we mindfully let it go, and let it flow from us. There is Purification, and prayers to Grandmother Moon. There is gratefulness and appreciation for the wisdom we receive. There is music, prayer/song, dance. Full Moon Ceremony takes place on the Medicine Wheel & Sacred Patio & around the Sacred Fire Pit. 

2019 Full Moon Dates


Nov 12,  Beaver Moon

Dec 11,   Cold Moon

2020 Full Moon Dates

Jan 10, Wolf Moon

Feb 9, Snow Moon

March 9, Worm Moon

April 7,  Pink Moon

May 7,  Flower Moon

June 5,  Strawberry Moon

July 4,  Buck Moon

Aug 3,  Sturgeon Moon

Sept 1,  Harvest Moon

Oct 1,  Hunter's Moon

Oct 31,  Blue Moon Hunter's Moon 

Nov 30,  Beaver Moon 

Dec 29,   Cold Moon   

2.5 hour Ceremony

1 person $150.

Group of 2 people $260. ( $130. ea)

Group of 3 people $360.   ($120. ea)

4-6 people $100. ea

gratuities  appreciated 


New Moon Ceremonies

New Moon Ceremony's focus is on 'new beginnings'. It takes place 2 days after the Dark Moon. Since Full Moon we have let go and made space in our hearts. Now at New Moon we make welcome the first sliver of the moon and thank her for coming back to brighten our lives and we state our 'new beginning' of something we want to create in our lives.

2019 New Moon Dates

Nov 26

Dec 25

2020 Full Moon Dates

Jan 24

Feb 23

Mar 24

April 22

May 22

June 20

July 20

Aug 18

Sept 17

Oct 16

Nov 14

Dec 14 

2.5 hour Ceremony

1 person $150.

Group of 2 people $260. ( $130. ea)

Group of 3 people $360.   ($120. ea)

4-6 people $100. ea

gratuities  appreciated